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Cheap and easy homemade baby wipes

Posted by on Jun 24, 2010 in Parenting Tips | 5 comments

Since our successful switch to cloth diapers the CleverFamily has been thinking about other ways to save money and reduce waste. Second only to diapers, baby wipes are one of the items we go through the most. Wiping butts, wiping noses, wiping faces, wiping hands. It’s no surprise to see a mountain of used wipes filling the garbage can by the end of the day. I’m cheap and easy. So when I find something that saves me money it turns me into a giddy school girl. Fortunately, making your own baby wipes is cheap, easy, and quick! Follow the recipe below and in minutes you’ll find yourself scoring bonus points with the wife when she sees your nifty concoction in action. What you’ll need: Cloth baby wipes or paper towels. You can use those blue shop paper towels for...

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Why is my baby gagging herself?

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in Parenting Tips | 5 comments

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I now know exactly what he meant. Lately Little Miss has been purposely using her fingers to gag herself. Every chance she gets the fingers are digging at her tonsils. This wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t gag herself to the point of blowing chunks. She’s only puked once (luckily) but we want to discourage the behavior. And seeing as how tying up your baby is frowned upon, I am stuck finding a different solution. The hard part to figure out is the cause. Why does she feel the need to gag herself? Is she teething, sore throat? Or is it a habit while tired or a grab for attention? After a quick search I came across a post at...

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Children vs Blog: Juggling Family Life and Blogging

Posted by on Jun 8, 2010 in Blogging | 8 comments

I started blogging before Little Miss was born. Back then I had plenty of time to spare. So much free time I would run out of things to do and actually suffer from boredom. (What the hell is that now?) Here is a breakdown of the past few days at the Clever household. Let the battle of blog vs Little Miss commence! Saturday CleverMom was babysitting our friend’s children for the day leaving Little Miss and me to fend for ourselves. We were able to find nourishment by eating the leftover chips and popcorn found under the couch cushions. My blog goal was to finish up tweaking the new layout, finish the footer, and the sidebar. I’m probably stating the obvious when I say that following a 9 month old around all day is damn tiring. Blogging didn’t happen....

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Empty Threats: Stop Now Before It’s Too Late

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Parenting Tips | 3 comments

Empty threats have to be one of the useless attempts to parent a child. You see it all the time, at the mall, at the park, at school – parents pleading with their little angel to shut the hell up and behave. Occasionally it will work as the child becomes distracted for two minutes before picking up where he or she left off. I had the pleasure of witnessing such a scenario. By the end, I felt embarrassed. I was embarrassed for the mother as her attempts to control her hooligan sounded more like a surrender to his antics. I work for a telecommunications company and our office also includes a retail space. My desk is located around the corner of the retail space. Most days are quiet, but the odd time I get a first hand glimpse to...

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