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How I Fixed Our Toddlers Poor Sleep in 1 Night

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in Sleep Tips | 1 comment

I’m going to let you in on a secret that we stumbled upon a couple weeks ago. Something so simple, yet effective you’ll fall out of your chair from the absolute brilliance. Little Miss has always been a pretty good sleeper. Except for when she’s sick, or teething, or going through a sleep regression, or it was a full moon, or it wasn’t the 3 Tuesday of the month. But with baby number two packing her bags for her January arrival, CleverMom and I figured it was time to take back our nights from the little grasp of a two year old. To be honest, it was all a major fluke. Up until the big change, Little Miss still slept in a crib. We didn’t think she was old enough to understand the concept of staying in a big...

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Understanding Why Children Bite and How to Stop it

Posted by on Oct 29, 2011 in Behavior Tips | 2 comments

Biting and toddlers. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like hot chocolate and marshmallows Like a cold beer on a hot summer day. Biting is a rite of passage that nearly every parent has to go through at some point. Children bite for numerous reasons, and some bite more than others. So how do we deal with the little ankle biters? Biting is definitely one of the more complicated behaviors to control. Luckily, most kids will grow out of biting with consistent parenting. That’s a bold statement coming from a guy behind a keyboard, but knowledge is power! Understanding why kids bite, and how to deal with biters is the first step to ensuring your little monster’s teeth stick to chomping food and not their friends. Why Kids Bite Ease teething pain Mimicking other children Lack of...

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Why You Should Let Your Kids Make Choices

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Parenting Tips | 1 comment

As parents, we make the majority of decisions for our young children. We decide what to eat, where to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. We dictate which night is bath night. We are the enforcers of bedtime. We manage their schedule, plan activities, and control when the TV is on and what to watch. With this amount of parental micro managing, it comes as no surprise that our young children start to challenge our stranglehold of control and power. And you know what? We come by it honestly. Right from day one, we are expected to keep this little human happy and healthy. We hold the key to their life. Then what seems like in the blink of an eye they are two years old, demanding control of every minuscule detail of their life. And...

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How to be a Great Dad – Mega List!

Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Dad Tips | 6 comments

Being a great dad means… giving up that extra two hours of sleep on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Always keeping the smaller half. Being the slayer of monsters, and the healer of owwies. being tough, but fair. Not letting your kids win every time. watching the same movie for the zillionth time. wearing a feather boa at your first tea party. building the greatest Lego towers. being a super hero, minus the cape and tights. (Unless you’re into that kind of thing) making the best ice cream sundaes. allowing one more cookie before bed. knowing when to look the other way. letting kids make their own mistakes. giving the best horsey rides ever. never being embarrassed to show affection. taking care of yourself for your kid’s sake. not pretending to know everything. Encouraging curiosity in everything. making mistakes...

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