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From the Mind of a 2 Year Old

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in My Story | 4 comments

  Yesterday I was playing with Little Miss’ blocks because they are obviously awesome, duh. I had a kickass tower built until Little Miss came over ‘as a matter of factly’ and knocked over my tower with one swift kick of her little foot. No blocks today Daddy, you go to the grocery store. Just to confirm I heard correctly: You want Daddy to go to the grocery store? Which was followed by: Yes, you go buy food. Now. No blocks. And that concluded my tower building shenanigans. =(...

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Just a Dad and his Daughter

Posted by on Dec 4, 2011 in My Story | 2 comments

He looks down at her, she looks up at him. From that first moment, a bond is formed. Her entire hand, wrapped around his finger. She is his reason for living. One little monster, and one human jungle gym. He is the defender of evil and boogey monsters. She is reason for too many sleepless nights. Super hero in her eyes, and angel in his. Dolls, dresses, and ponytails become his world. Teaching her right from wrong, they won’t always see eye to eye. Twisted around her little finger, and his entire world. It’s just a dad and his...

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Life as a Dad: Porcelain Sanctuary

Posted by on Dec 3, 2011 in Dad Tips | 0 comments

Ask any dad what their favorite room of the house is. I guarantee a not so surprisingly large amount of dads will tell you their favorite room is the bathroom. Sounds odd I know, but there is a very good reason. It’s not because of the tooth paste splattered mirror. And it’s definitely not because of the froofy decorative towels. It’s because as a dad, the bathroom is the one place that gives a man total privacy and protection from little sticky, whiny monsters usually referred to as CHILDREN. A man on the can is surrounded only by his thoughts. His only concern is the increasing numbness in the legs. That is assuming you’ve taking the proper precautions to ensure an uninterrupted, relaxing experience. The first step to your very own porcelain sanctuary is to invest in a sturdy...

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Why Won’t My Toddler Nap?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Sleep Tips | 2 comments

Snooze, sleep, siesta, rest, or nap. Whatever you call it, toddlers hate it and parents love it. When it’s time for Little Miss’ nap, I can be seen skipping around the house collecting blankets, soother, and her favorite doll. Yup, I’m that guy and I love naps! Some kids love naps and go down without a fuss. I hope to one day experience this phenomenon. But what do you do when your toddler decides napping is a waste of time? She might think her time is better spent harassing the cat or coloring, but guess what little girl… you’re wrong! Now, you could tie your toddler to their bed, or look into crate training. (We’ll that that Plan B, for now) But before going to such extremes check out the below tips to win the battle against a nap...

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