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From the Mind of a 2 Year Old

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in My Story | 4 comments

  Yesterday I was playing with Little Miss’ blocks because they are obviously awesome, duh. I had a kickass tower built until Little...

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Just a Dad and his Daughter

Posted by on Dec 4, 2011 in My Story | 2 comments

He looks down at her, she looks up at him. From that first moment, a bond is formed. Her entire hand, wrapped around his finger. She is...

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Life as a Dad: Porcelain Sanctuary

Posted by on Dec 3, 2011 in Dad Tips | 0 comments

Ask any dad what their favorite room of the house is. I guarantee a not so surprisingly large amount of dads will tell you their favorite...

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Why Won’t My Toddler Nap?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Sleep Tips | 2 comments

Snooze, sleep, siesta, rest, or nap. Whatever you call it, toddlers hate it and parents love it. When it’s time for Little...

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