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12 Crazy Things Your Baby is Thinking About

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Dad Tips | 3 comments

Have you ever wondered what babies think of? Do newborns think of anything at all? Or are the just eating, pooping, crying machines? I like to think there is something going on inside their heads. I was feeding Little C her bottle the a few days ago and she had this strange look in her eye. A look like she was planning something. Even though she’s only 3 months old, it was a look of deep thought. So then I began to ponder and let my imagination go free. What do babies think of? Here are my best guesses: World domination. Murder/revenge. Hey, you never know! The most optimal place to spit up. Boobs. There is no denying that newborns love boobs. “They feed me, change me, and carry me by just crying. I must be their god. “This...

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How Busy Dads Stay Fit

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Dad Tips | 0 comments

Kids rule our lives with a sticky fist. They let you eat, or sleep, or relax, or exercise only when its convenient for them. So how can you balance work, family, and exercise when you’re being pulled into twenty different directions all day, everyday? One trick I’ve recently started is taking advantage of body weight exercises when I have spare time through out the day. Body weight workouts are quick, cheap, and easy, which is music to this dad’s ears. I don’t have time to hit the gym, and I definetly don’t have the money to afford some fancy home gym. So the next best thing is body workouts! Body workouts can be done almost anywhere, little to no cost, and can be squeezed in between feeding Little C, and cleaning up Little A’s latest disaster. My favorite bodyweght exercise so...

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Her First Sleepover

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in My Story | 1 comment

Tonight Allison went to her first sleepover at grandpa and grandma’s house. A night filled with cartoons and junk food await this little two and half year old. On the drive home Amber and I reminisced about sleeping over at our grandparent’s house. Ahh, those were the days: Sleeping on the fold out couch with stiff, scratchy sheets that grandma bought because they were on sale. Old Disney movies on VHS. Crappy dollar store toys bought for ‘when the kids visit’ Watching the Toronto Blue Jays game on TV. Dinner always included green peas on the side. (Which I despise with every molecule in my body) There was ALWAYS dessert after supper. Being woken up at the ass crack of dawn by grandma’s ‘arch supported indoor shoes’ Grandma always had a pack of gum for me and my sister....

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Toddler Won’t Sleep Through The Night

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 in Sleep Tips | 0 comments

I’ve noticed a growing trend over the past few months. More and more exhausted parents are finding my blog looking for help with their non sleeping children. And as a dad who loves his sleep, and two daughters that love to ruin it, I’m in the same boat. As if chasing around a toddler during the day wasn’t exhausting enough, what do you do when he or she still won’t sleep through the night? Is your toddler… Waking up multiple times a night? Takes forever to fall asleep? Requires you to fall back asleep? Waking up at the crack of dawn? If you answered yes to any of those, here is a guide to help your toddler sleep through the night. Common reasons why your toddler is not sleeping through the night: Thirsty Hungry Too much built up energy....

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Kids Have Superpowers

Posted by on Mar 17, 2012 in Behavior Tips | 0 comments

Did you know that kids have superpowers? I’m not talking about x-ray vision, superhuman strength, or spidey sense. No, the superpowers I’m talking about are the less exciting, not as helpful rejects. I call them B list superpowers. Not powerful enough to do much good but powerful enough to wreak havoc. If the superhero store was giving out superpowers, these would be in the $1.99 bin. Hear relaxation. Picture this. Its ten o’clock, kids are in bed, the game is on TV, and you finally have 15 minutes to relax. You grab the TV remote and a coffee (or beer, I don’t judge) and sit on the couch. Finally some peace and quiet. But before your ass even has a chance to warm the couch cushion you hear a little whimpering voice. Kids, especially younger kids have a fine...

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