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6 Crucial Tips For Getting Rid of the Pacifier… Forever!

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Parenting Tips | 0 comments

Ah, the pacifier (or as I tend to call it, the scream plug). I owe my sanity to this little hunk of plastic. But with toddlers and parents so dependent on it, how do you get rid of the pacifier without a fuss? Notice how I mentioned parents? We are pacifier junkies just like our toddlers. From this point forward there will never be an anti whining mechanism so effective until maybe their first cell phone… So how do we wean our toddlers off of using a pacifier? The even bigger question is how do you do it while keeping your sanity? Start making rules as to when and where your toddler can have their pacifier. Most smokers won’t quite cold turkey, so why treat your pacifier junkie any different? What we’ve started with Little A is that there...

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Parenting Tips | 1 comment

Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure it was my dad’s favorite saying. I remember the feeling of injustice that only a kid can experience! What do you mean it’s bedtime?! You get to stay up as late as you want! Now as a father raising two daughters, I can see where my dad was coming from. Sometimes there is just no reasoning with kids. But how do you handle the situations where ‘do as I say, not as I do’ doesn’t work? How do I teach my kids the importance of reading when I haven’t read a book since I was in school? How do I raise my kids to be smart, and study hard in school when I was the kid more interested in video games and goofing off? Lead by example. Kids are extremely impressionable. Even at a...

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Your Kids Will Not Remember Your Problems

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Dad Tips | 2 comments

Life is busy. And life with kids is crazy busy. As a family man, we can have many different job titles. Dad. Husband. Provider. Cook. Chauffeur. Employee…. the never ending list goes on. Sometimes it feels as if you’re juggling. Everything in your life is a ball, and you’re frantically trying to not let one drop. There is one ball you should never let fall. The ball I’m talking about is your kids. Being a dad. Being an involved dad. Don’t drop the ball. Your ‘‘adult’ problems don’t matter to your kids. So when mortgage payments, bills, work, road rage, or deadlines start to consume your mind, remember… Your child won’t remember your ‘adult’ problems. She’ll just remember that her dad said he was too busy to play, to build forts, to read books. Don’t drop the ball. Photos...

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