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6 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile

How to make your baby smileEvery dad has his own bag of tricks on how to make their baby smile. This is where I shine, in our household it has been determined that mommy is cozy, and daddy is funny. All it takes are the simplest trick, so lose your inhibitions and get crazy.

6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Baby Smile

  1. The fake sneeze. Act like you’re going to have the biggest sneeze ever, but on a big show. Make sure you catch your baby’s attention before sneezing in the most ridiculous way you can. Even young babies will crack up. They may not understand or even care what a sneeze is, just make it loud and silly. No need to include the waterworks, mom might not find it funny.
  2. A round of applause. Maybe it’s the sharp noise or the motion of your hands but babies love it. Add even more excitement by cheering and showing overblown excitement. Once they’re older maybe you’ll get your own standing ovation for your comedic routine.
  3. Attack the neck. Pin baby down and dig your face into their neck repeatedly blowing raspberries or making any grotesque sound you can think of. Farts are universally funny so when all else fails blow a big fart on their neck. (Figuratively speaking) This is one of the few tricks that lasts until they’re big enough to fight back.
  4. Peek a boo. Not much to say here, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Hide behind anything then jump out for a quick laugh.
  5. Stinky feet. I was surprised how much Little Miss enjoyed this, in fact it was the first time we heard her all out belly laugh when we first tried it. While baby is on her back or in someone’s arms make a loud snort while smelling her foot. Grab the other foot and give it a whiff and immediately howl “Phew, stinky!” This trick will be a huge hit – hopefully your baby’s feet don’t actually smell too bad.
  6. Toe Muncher. Babies are obsessed with their feet so take advantage of it. Grab her feet and pretend to munch on them. Add in a loud “Nom Nom Nom” and you’ll be rewarded with a big gummy smile.

Like I said, these tricks are a hit with Little Miss, and should help you get that elusive smile from your baby!

What silly tricks do you use to make your baby smile?


  1. My boys are old enough I can tell them stupid jokes and they laugh like crazy. A magician was walking down the street, and he turned into a bar! HAHHAHAHA. yeah, stuff like that 🙂

  2. Hah, good call Keith

    Kids are the perfect audience for worn out corny jokes, everything is new to them!

  3. These are all so true.
    My little boy, Liam, is a real big fan of “stinky feet”. Though thankfully this is not in the literal sense!