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5 Dad Blogs You Should Be Reading

Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 in Blogging | 4 comments

Seems like every week I discover a new dad blog to read. Its amazing how many super awesome dad blogs are out there just waiting to be discovered. But I guess having kids, and being a dad means plenty of inspiration. Here are 5 dad blogs that have found their way into my bookmarks. Check them out! Listed in no particular order, although I will accept bribes for future posts. *wink wink* The DaddyYo Dude. John is a self proclaimed geek, cook, writer and social medial addict. Living in the mountains of southwest Virgina, John writes about his two children as well as the challenges of being a father. Daddy Geek Boy. Its a Dad, its a geek, its…. Daddy Geek Boy! Proof that age is just a number. Living with two kids, a wife, and two cats, Daddy...

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Children vs Blog: Juggling Family Life and Blogging

Posted by on Jun 8, 2010 in Blogging | 8 comments

I started blogging before Little Miss was born. Back then I had plenty of time to spare. So much free time I would run out of things to do and actually suffer from boredom. (What the hell is that now?) Here is a breakdown of the past few days at the Clever household. Let the battle of blog vs Little Miss commence! Saturday CleverMom was babysitting our friend’s children for the day leaving Little Miss and me to fend for ourselves. We were able to find nourishment by eating the leftover chips and popcorn found under the couch cushions. My blog goal was to finish up tweaking the new layout, finish the footer, and the sidebar. I’m probably stating the obvious when I say that following a 9 month old around all day is damn tiring. Blogging didn’t happen....

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5 Dad blogs you should be reading

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Blogging | 12 comments

Over the past six months I’ve discovered several dad blogs, each with their own unique take on fatherhood. As a source for inspiration they have been invaluable as I stumble my way through fatherhood and blogging. Whether you are a new dad or an experienced father there is bound to be something interesting for you. In no particular order, here are 5 dad blogs you should be reading: Almighty Dad. Since 2004, Keith has been a stay at home dad. This has given him an endless supply of topics to write about. Everything from adoption to workouts is covered with no shortage of detail. Simple Father. Don’t let the simple name fool you. This blog is full of insightful advice for fathers. Simple Father’s Scott has a refreshing writing style that is clear, and simple (duh) without losing any...

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