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Facing Breast Cancer as a Husband and Father

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Dad Tips, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Today was a typical day. Woke up, got dressed and went to work. My only concern was the upcoming weekend of fence building. (Too mad mother nature seems to have other plans!) I’m not going to lie, hiding inside from the rain sounds like a good weekend in my books. But then, hiding in my inbox was a link to an eye opening blog post. Written by a dad, it was his story dealing with his wife’s battle with breast cancer. It got me thinking… what the hell would I do if that was me? What if it was CleverMom? How would I handle it? How would I keep it together, for my wife, and the girls? What is a man supposed to do when he feels completely helpless? Its a sobering thought, and something I hope I never...

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Life as a Dad: 4 Jobs We All Share

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Dad Tips | 4 comments

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different roles we have as dads? Some are fun, and some are serious. But in the end, they are all important and being a dad means we are more than happy to do these jobs… even if they pay stinks. Architect Once Little A was old enough to play with lego, I became lead designer and builder of towers, bridges, and whatever else popped into her little mind. This is great because I love playing with lego, and Little A likes to smash things. Its win, win. But after a while, my basic tower design were not enough. She demanded more elaborate towers. Her appetite for bigger and better towers turned into a battle against myself to constant approve and innovate until we reached the structural limits of lego as...

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Being a Dad Isn’t All Smiles

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Dad Tips | 2 comments

A couple weeks ago at work I received a call. It was Little A. This wasn’t out of the ordinary as my wife usually lets her call me once in a while. Usually the phone call consisted of Little A rambling on about what she had for breakfast or where the cat was sleeping. But not this time. I picked up the phone. “Hello?” There was no happy, go lucky two and a half year old voice on the other side of the phone like usual. All I could hear was whimpering and the odd sniffle. Then between the sniffling a little voice peaked out. “I miss you dad, please come home.” Instant my heart sank. It was the first time Little A was truly sad. She wasn’t crying because someone took her toy, or that she didn’t want...

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Your Kids Will Not Remember Your Problems

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Dad Tips | 2 comments

Life is busy. And life with kids is crazy busy. As a family man, we can have many different job titles. Dad. Husband. Provider. Cook. Chauffeur. Employee…. the never ending list goes on. Sometimes it feels as if you’re juggling. Everything in your life is a ball, and you’re frantically trying to not let one drop. There is one ball you should never let fall. The ball I’m talking about is your kids. Being a dad. Being an involved dad. Don’t drop the ball. Your ‘‘adult’ problems don’t matter to your kids. So when mortgage payments, bills, work, road rage, or deadlines start to consume your mind, remember… Your child won’t remember your ‘adult’ problems. She’ll just remember that her dad said he was too busy to play, to build forts, to read books. Don’t drop the ball. Photos...

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12 Crazy Things Your Baby is Thinking About

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Dad Tips | 3 comments

Have you ever wondered what babies think of? Do newborns think of anything at all? Or are the just eating, pooping, crying machines? I like to think there is something going on inside their heads. I was feeding Little C her bottle the a few days ago and she had this strange look in her eye. A look like she was planning something. Even though she’s only 3 months old, it was a look of deep thought. So then I began to ponder and let my imagination go free. What do babies think of? Here are my best guesses: World domination. Murder/revenge. Hey, you never know! The most optimal place to spit up. Boobs. There is no denying that newborns love boobs. “They feed me, change me, and carry me by just crying. I must be their god. “This...

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How Busy Dads Stay Fit

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Dad Tips | 0 comments

Kids rule our lives with a sticky fist. They let you eat, or sleep, or relax, or exercise only when its convenient for them. So how can you balance work, family, and exercise when you’re being pulled into twenty different directions all day, everyday? One trick I’ve recently started is taking advantage of body weight exercises when I have spare time through out the day. Body weight workouts are quick, cheap, and easy, which is music to this dad’s ears. I don’t have time to hit the gym, and I definetly don’t have the money to afford some fancy home gym. So the next best thing is body workouts! Body workouts can be done almost anywhere, little to no cost, and can be squeezed in between feeding Little C, and cleaning up Little A’s latest disaster. My favorite bodyweght exercise so...

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