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Dad Advice: Baby Necessities

Dads Advice: Newborn NecessitiesNewborns are small but seem to need a never ending list of accessories. And taking a baby anywhere is a little like a military operation. Many of the necessities will help make your life easier and your baby safer. Below is a list of items that every dad should have!

7 Items Every Dad Should Have

  1. Car seat. This one is unavoidable if you plan to take your baby anywhere in a vehicle. New dads and moms should carefully research the car seats available before making the investment.
  2. Baby monitor. Make your life easier and less stressful by being able to hear or see the baby from any room in the house. This is very handy advice for dads and moms who do not want to disturb the baby while sleeping by barging in their room.
  3. Digital/Video camera. This is a must for every dad. Record every smile and milestone for memories that will last a life time!
  4. Receiving blanket/Burp cloths. Take a new dad’s advice and stock up on receiving blankets. You can never have enough and the one time you need it, is the one time you won’t have it. Have a strategic supply spread throughout the house to grab in a moment’s notice.
  5. Diaper Bag. This is your life support while away from home. Pack diapers, blankets, change of clothes, extra pacifiers, and anything that you think you may need. It is not fun being in the middle of the mall and noticing that you are out of diapers or formula.
  6. Stroller. For the first 3 months we used to just carry Baby A in her car seat as it was easier then lugging out the stroller. Now that she is over 13 pounds, carrying her around in the car seat can turn into quite the work out. Save your arms and invest in a high quality stroller. Word of advice: you get what you pay for so try not to cheap out on a stroller.
  7. Baby swing. A swing will help keep your baby occupied while not in your arms. While shopping for a baby swing we were amazed at the variety available. There are swings that even have an IPOD adapter to help keep your baby hip and cool by listening to the latest Lady Gaga track. Swings also make a great place for your baby to sleep instead of always in the crib.

Is there anything else every new dad should have?

Share your advice for your fellow dads!


  1. Good list! As a seasoned pro, I would highly recommend using a burp cloth whenever you pick up the baby not just at feeds or immediately thereafter. Maybe it was just my kids but they always spit up or threw up when I didn’t have a burp cloth!

  2. I think it is really important for a dad to have a “stay at home mom”..I wouldn’t have it any other way..:-)

  3. We must be lucky that our daughter is not a big barfer. There has only been two times so far where she has vomitted everywhere. Luckily I did have a burp cloth at the time!


    My wife works from home, and yes they are the greatest asset to a dad!

  4. Thx for the reply to my comment, I was curious what she does for work at home, my wife wanted to me to ask, she is looking to get into something. btw I couldn’t use your contact form, the verification image was not going through, tried it 4-5 times


  5. Hey thanks for the heads up on the contact forum… haven’t had anyone complain about it (which explains why!)

    My wife runs a dayhome so she looks after kids during the day. She’s been at it for almost 5 years so she has had lots of practice lol. It is great, allows her to stay at home while also allowing Allison interaction with other children which should hopefully help her in the long run!