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Being a Dad Isn’t All Smiles

A couple weeks ago at work I received a call. It was Little A. This wasn’t out of the ordinary as my wife usually lets her call me once in a while. Usually the phone call consisted of Little A rambling on about what she had for breakfast or where the cat was sleeping.

But not this time.

I picked up the phone.


There was no happy, go lucky two and a half year old voice on the other side of the phone like usual. All I could hear was whimpering and the odd sniffle. Then between the sniffling a little voice peaked out.

“I miss you dad, please come home.”

Instant my heart sank. It was the first time Little A was truly sad. She wasn’t crying because someone took her toy, or that she didn’t want chicken for dinner. It was genuine.

The conversation continued.

“I love you dad, I don’t want you to work anymore.”

Now my heart felt like it was being steamrolled into a pancake. Its amazing how a few words can have such an impact when they come from your children.

I told Little A that daddy needs to stay at work and I would play with her when I got home. And after a reluctant “Okay…”  the phone call ended.

This was probably my most heartbreaking moment as a dad. It was the first time my child truly missed me, and was able to express it. She wasn’t just crying or playing strange. Its times like this that makes you take a step and realize your kids are growing up fast.

Too fast.


Have you experienced a moment like this? How did you handle your kids growing into actual little humans?


  1. Ohhhhh my big ol heart just broke. So sweet.

  2. Oh man, your post made my heart sink too. Thanks! My daughter I’d only 7weeks old at this point and thinking of her being sad and me helpless makes me feel quite blue. I guess they do grow quickly, yes.