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Cheap and easy homemade baby wipes

Yup, we're going to need some wipes.

Since our successful switch to cloth diapers the CleverFamily has been thinking about other ways to save money and reduce waste. Second only to diapers, baby wipes are one of the items we go through the most. Wiping butts, wiping noses, wiping faces, wiping hands. It’s no surprise to see a mountain of used wipes filling the garbage can by the end of the day.

I’m cheap and easy. So when I find something that saves me money it turns me into a giddy school girl. Fortunately, making your own baby wipes is cheap, easy, and quick! Follow the recipe below and in minutes you’ll find yourself scoring bonus points with the wife when she sees your nifty concoction in action.

What you’ll need:

  • How to make homemade baby wipesCloth baby wipes or paper towels. You can use those blue shop paper towels for extra strength and masculinity. (Baby wipes? Hell no, these are for cleaning the bugs off the truck grill!)
  • An airtight container. Find an old plastic baby wipe container or something with a sealable lid. If you have neither, use a Ziploc bag.
  • 2 tablespoons of baby wash soap.
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 2 cups of water.


  1. Mix ingredients well in a separate container.
  2. If using paper towel, separate the sheets, fold them in half, and stack.
  3. Now you have two options. You can either soak the towels/wipes directly in the container or fill a spray bottle with the mixture to apply later.
  4. If you’re soaking the towels/wipes, fill your container with the mixture and toss in your towels/wipes. Keep them folded neatly or you’ll find yourself with a large soggy ball. Turn container upside down and let sit so the mixture will soak evenly.
  5. If you prefer the spray bottle, fill up your container with dry wipes and keep the two together.
  6. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!

We took the presoaked cloth wipe route because we are already washing diapers so few wipes thrown in the mix didn’t matter. Not only are they cheaper, these homemade wipes are much stronger and hold up better against the nastiest diapers Little Miss can produce.

Hey – do you hear that? It’s your wallet thanking you!


  1. Well I never thought of making my own wipies. Can you imagine a shop towel wipie?! HAHA. You’d be the manliest daddy ever!

  2. My friend, you are a better man than I (or just cheaper). We attempted to do the whole cloth wipes thing, and after 2 weeks just couldn’t handle the amount of work it was. Though afterward someone mentioned the whole using a spray bottle thing, so we might go back and try that.
    While they worked amazing, and with the cloth diapers they aren’t much extra work to wash, I got tired of running out. (Though I am also a little lazy, so that might have contributed as well.)

    My experiences here:

  3. Nice tip! We have a little one on the way, so I may have to look into this. I also save pennies any way that I can… 😀

  4. I cant believe it, but i am going to try on this one. Dont care even if it is a disaster, atleast you took the effort to post it and as a fellow bloggger, I am going to show my solidarity by trying. will let you know after the experiment comes through. Thanks and bye.

  5. I use homemade baby wipes regularly, but instead of using the spray bottle, I just use an empty, cleaned out shampoo bottle. It fits better in my diaper bag, and I don’t have to deal with the spray bottle clogging up with the oil.