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7 Easy Steps to Handling Temper Tantrums

How to Handle Toddler Tantrums

Unless your toddler is a freak of nature, they will throw tantrums. Lots of tantrums. Depending on how you handle a tantruming toddler will have an effect on the noise level, duration, and frequency of future tantrums. So close Facebook, put the coffee down and lets figure out how to handle a temper tantrums like a champ.

How to handle temper tantrums like a champ

  1. Remove the child from situation. She’ll be kicking and screaming so protective gear is recommended but optional. Protect your vital assets, you know, eyes, throat, manhood.
  2. Give your child a chance to rethink their tantrum. Warn her that her excessive behavior will not be tolerated. Give her the choice to stop now, or face the pit…err appropriate disciplinary measure. Now your child is at a crossroad. She can take the sunny path back to playtime or the twisty, pot hole ridden road to discipline. In my experience, toddlers always choose the hard way. Must be the thrill of the fight or something, but at least you can say you gave them the option.
  3. Now that we removed your tantruming toddler from the situation, where do we stuff her? In our house we have a small empty hallway. Find a similar place that is out of the way (but not hidden) and safe.
  4. Walk away. That’s right, walk away. Don’t stoop to their level and start yelling at them to stop, smarten up, or whatever. Just carry on with whatever you were doing before. Don’t let her break your mojo. This is the hardest step by far. Once the daddy rage juices start to flow, it’s easy to blow up and make a crappy situation…crappier.
  5. If you followed the steps up until now, you should eventually hear the tantrum fading. Why? Well its simple. Kids are performers. They aren’t in it for fun, money, or fame. Their main goal with a tantrum is to get you to fold quicker than superman on laundry day.
  6. How to Handle TantrumsOnce the tantrum and ringing in your ears stop, sit down with your child to talk. Get down to her level and explain why tantrums are unacceptable. Keep it calm, but firm. Try to get her to explain why she was throwing a tantrum. Tell her it’s okay to be angry, we all get angry. But instead of blowing up like a bomb, next time she should use her words, find mom or dad, or scream into a pillow.
  7. Wipe away the sweat and tears (from both of you) and carry on. Don’t forget the celebratory fist to the sky as you have just conquered the tantrum. Booya!

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to handle temper tantrums is to not make the situation any worse. A toddler in tantrum mode is like a fire and trying to reason with a tantruming toddler is like throwing gas on the fire!

How do you handle temper tantrums?

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