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Mother’s Day Advice Every Husband Should Know

Mother's Day Advice Every Husband Should Know

I came across quite the blog post from Andra at The Domestic Project. Andra proves that Mother’s Day is more than just jewellery, flowers, and over priced cards.

A quote from the post:

the reason I’m struggling with this decision is because what I really want, what would truly fill my soul are things that are impossible to buy. And no, I’m not talking about “world peace”. I’m talking about real, pressing, important matters that any mother would kill to have.

What is Andra talking about? Well head on over to the Domestic Project and read what mom’s REALLY want for mother’s day!

I’m still going to play it safe and buy something for my wife. Some how I think telling her, “Sorry I didn’t get you anything, money can’t but want you anyways!” will work.

What are you getting your wife for mother’s day?