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Awesomely Simple Tips on Preventing Temper Tantrums

How to avoid temper tantrumsIts been 45 minutes of constant kicking and screaming. Your angry, frustrated, and about 5 minutes away from your own meltdown. You’ve handled your fair share of temper tantrums, but this time takes the cake.

Why? Because you told your two and half year old that if she sticks her fork down her pants at the dinner table one more time, you are going to take it away. (I wish I was making this up…)

Could this temper tantrum have been prevented? Maybe. But the fact that Little A decided to skip her afternoon nap made things about 10 times worse.

In order to understand how to prevent temper tantrums, you must first learn why kid throw temper tantrums… Young Grasshopper.

Most Common Reasons Why Kids Tantrum

  • Hungry
  • Bored
  • Tired
  • Angry
  • Lack of attention
  • Hearing the word “no”

Once you’ve figured out the why, preventing temper tantrums becomes much easier.

  • Are your kids out of routine today?
  • Late meals?
  • Skipped naps?
  • Is there another child annoying the crap out of yours?
  • Has your attention been elsewhere for far too long?

How to avoid temper tantrumsAsk yourself these questions and plan ahead. Pack snacks, avoid unusually late meals. Don’t skip naps whenever possible. Take notice of potential feuds between siblings and friends like that one toy that no one ever plays with yet today everyone is willing to fight to the death for it! Of course you all want the blue truck, the other cars are just pieces of junk, right?

Stick to a consistent routine. This is by far the biggest tip of all. Everything runs smoother when your kids know what to expect. And you’ll soon find your little rebels will be a little less rebellious.

Whats your secret weapon against tempter tantrums?



  1. Oh, boy, how I can relate to this post! It’s always the ridiculous things they want to do – like the fork thing – that end up making you look crazy in public. The 12 bags of candy they want, the teeny outfits your preteen wants to wear… My goodness, it’s enough to make a dad want to take his own nap!

  2. You got that right. I’ve hauled Little A out of my fair share of places with her kicking and screaming under my arm. My only mission at that point is to:

    A. Get the hell out of there quickly as possible.
    B. Reduce collateral damage and having Little A accidentally roundhouse kick someones grandma.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. My son had 2 tantrums at the age of 3. How I handled them? I said to him “let me know when you are done, and then I will talk to you. Until then, I won’t” 5 minutes later he came up to me and apologized. Since then. not one tantrum and he is just under 8 years old. I stayed calm and never yelled at him. After his apology I just told him that I would not react to that kind of behavior. That was it. Never again. 🙂 He understands that when I say no, it’s no. There is nothing he can do to change that. The biggest problem that I see with some parents is that they give in. Once you give in you are telling your child that tantrums are the way to get what they want.